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Woodrow Wilson House
2340 S Street NW
Washington, DC  20008
The Woodrow Wilson House is the post-presidential home of Woodrow Wilson and wife, Edith
About the Woodrow Wilson House

When his Presidency ended in 1921, Woodrow Wilson and his second wife, Edith, moved to this Georgian Revival style home in the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, DC. Wilson had met, courted and married Edith while President after grieving the loss of his first wife, First Lady Ellen Wilson, who had died the year before of kidney disease in the White House in 1914. Wilson’s health also declined after suffering a stroke in 1919 during his presidency, which left him partially paralyzed.

Unlike most presidents, Wilson chose to remain in Washington, DC after his presidency for a variety of reasons. Before they could move in to their new home, however, the Wilsons had to modify it to accommodate the needs of the former president. They added an iron gate and brick garage, shelves for his 8,000-volume library, and an electric elevator.

Just three years after taking residence here, Woodrow Wilson died in his bedroom on February 3, 1924. The funeral was held in the house with President Calvin Coolidge in attendance.

Edith donated many of his books and personal items to the Library of Congress, which are today held in the Rare Book & Special Collections Reading Room. Find more details here. She remained in the home until her death in 1961. Both Woodrow and Edith Wilson are interred in the Wilson Bay at the Washington National Cathedral.

Visiting the Woodrow Wilson House

Today, the house operates as a presidential museum. Guided tours are available, as well as events and exhibitions. Check the website for admission charges, hours of operation and schedules. Vintage game night is held monthly where patrons can play vintage board games and eat snacks in this 1920s furnished home. The house can also be rented for private events.

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