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First Lady

Mary Elizabeth “Betty” Taylor Bliss Dandridge

April 20, 1824

Betty Taylor Bliss

July 25, 1909

First Lady

President Served: Zachary Taylor
Term as First Lady: March 4, 1849 - July 9, 1850 (1.3 years)
Details: Daughter of the President. Shared role as First Lady with her mother, Peggy Taylor, until her father's death while in office.


Date: April 20, 1824
Location: Louisville, KY


William Wallace Smith Bliss
December 5, 1846 - August 4, 1853
Philip Pendleton Dandridge
February 11, 1858 - October 28, 1881


Date: July 25, 1909 (aged 85)
Location: Winchester, VA


Burial Location: Winchester, VA
Burial Site: Mount Hebron Cemetery

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