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Theodore Roosevelt Island
George Washington Memorial Parkway
Washington, DC  22207
Theodore Roosevelt Island is a national memorial to 26th President Theodore Roosevelt
What is Theodore Roosevelt Island?

Theodore Roosevelt Island, a memorial park dedicated to the 26th U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, is an 88.5 acre forest located on the Potomac River between Arlington, Virginia and the Georgetown area of Washington, DC. It is managed by the National Park Service.

The Memorial Plaza was designed by architect Eric Gugler. It contains an enormous, 17-foot statue of Roosevelt created by sculptor Paul Manship, two fountains and four large, stone tablets etched with some of Roosevelt’s most famous quotations.

In addition to learning about the famous conservationist president, visitors to the island can hike and view wildlife along three trails through woodlands and wetlands. It’s fairly flat making it an ideal beginners and children.

Though the island is part of Washington, DC, it is only accessible by a footbridge on the Virginia side of the Potomac River from the northbound lanes of the George Washington Memorial Parkway.